+ About Khang

  • Photography has taken me to places that I’ve never been, met people who I otherwise would not have. I started doing photography at a young age when the camera was my only toy. As time progressed, school has become a bigger part of my life but photography still played big role in my special interest.
  • I am currently graduating from university with a Biology PreProfessional degree and planning to go to Medical school. I aim to take my photography skill up to another step and serve people as it is a great tool to express people’s emotions and memories in colours and depth. These elements come together and create a beautiful image that is priceless and foreverlasting.
  • Beside of photography, I climb almost daily  and mountain bike as much as I can. Living in Chattanooga enables me to experience many outdoor sports because of the beautiful location and many established outdoor destinations.

My approach of commercial photography is that it should be personal and fun. I like to take my clients out on a morning hike around the city or an outdoor location or just having a walk along with the session. While many choose to have a rigid structure of how a photoshoot is done, I believe that the success of the session can also be achieved through creating real memories by introducing my clients to fun experiences.

Personally, I don’t consider myself a “photographer” as this status should be achieved through a vast amount of time in the business as an established career. I see myself as someone who has obsession for portraits


and it is probably the most important factor that encourages me to use my passion to serve people.




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  1. Racquel Richards August 3, 2010 — 6:56 pm

    Hi! I attend dULUTH aDVENTIST CHURCH AND i SAW SOME of your photos..I was wondering if you could take pictures at a park for my birthday party this weekend..i know it’s short notice but I’m really desperate
    -Thank you,

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